Which Member Type do I select when I register?

**Some of the information below may not appear in your NetGalley account just yet. Please read more here about your new Profile Walkthrough and other new options, and when they will become available.


To choose a Member Type, think about what best defines you as a book advocate or industry professional (consult this article for additional guidance). 

Bookseller - You work at a bookstore & buy/recommend books. The type of bookstore you work in: Bookstore chain, Distributor, Independent bookstore, Online retail, or Retail (not specifically books)

Book Trade Professional - You work in the publishing industry. Your role in the publishing industry: Author, Agent, or Publisher (reader account).

Educator - You work in a school & adopt books for the classroom. The type of school you work in: Primary school/elementary school, Middle/high school/secondary school, Homeschooling (all ages), or Professionals/adults.

Librarian - You work in a public/private library & buy/recommend books. The type of library you work in: Academic, Public, Primary or elementary school, Secondary school/high school, Special.

Media / Journalist - You work in media & promote authors/review books. The type of media you work in: TV, Radio/Podcast, Newspaper/Magazine/Online Publication, or Film/Production Company.

Reviewer - You review books/promote authors on blog/social. Where you primarily review books: Blog/Website, Consumer Website (Amazon, Goodreads), or Social Platform (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

Note: Members may only choose one Member Type, so please choose the one that best reflects your primary use of NetGalley. Once you complete the Profile Walkthrough, you will not be able to change your Member Type within your Profile—so carefully consider your primary audience and where you promote books.

Remember: your Profile is the most important tool you have for telling publishers how you recommend books, and it’s what publishers see when deciding to approve your requests.

*If your job has changed or you realize something else is a better fit, please contact support and we will help you change your Member Type.

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