How can I share my Reviews on social networks?

There are 2 ways to share your reviews on social networks:

1) Automatically share your reviews on LinkedIn and Goodreads!

Sharing is easy and can be done from your member account for all the books you have access to on NetGalley. You can share review(s) right after you submit your review, or later from your Shelf, in the Feedback Sent section. 

Please make sure to connect your social networks beforehand for easy sharing.


Goodreads: Be sure to check the “Post review to Goodreads” box before sending or when editing an existing review. After selecting a star rating, click to submit your review, and it will automatically be posted to your Goodreads profile*.

After you connect your social networks, you will also see these options:


LinkedIn: Click the LinkedIn icon and an update will automatically be posted to your Profile that includes the title, author, link to your review, once you click Send Review.

Once you've shared your review on social media, be sure to share it on retail sites, too!

When you share via NetGalley, your contacts will have the opportunity to purchase the title from major book retailers, via a unique landing page which showcases your review.

After you share your reviews socially, a link to your review on each social network will automatically be shared with the publisher. 

2) Share your review(s) on additional social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter / X, YouTube, TikTok, etc.) by manually sharing your text (or video) review directly on the social network, and then adding the direct link to your review in the "Add Link(s)" section. Read more here.

*Please note that your Goodreads profile must be public if you plan to share your review links with publishers! 


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