I'm a Journalist/member of the Media - How can I see what books are available on NetGalley?


As a NetGalley member, you can go to Find Titles and use any of these browsing features to discover books that may interest you.

Additionally, as a Journalist or member of the Media, you can:

Be invited to download books: Are you in direct contact with publishers and/or authors? Let them know that you’re on NetGalley and that you’re happy to receive invites to download digital review copies and audiobooks. These invites will give you instant access to the book, so you can download to your device quickly. Read more here.

Receive newsletters about upcoming books: On behalf of publishers, NetGalley may send email promotions for books that may interest you, so be sure your Categories and Topics are updated in your Profile and that you've subscribed to our newsletters.

Can’t find a specific book?

Keep in mind that not all books on NetGalley are listed under Find Titles – there are a large number of books that publishers keep private, so always feel free to ask your contact at the publisher if you can’t find one of their books. 

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