I see a note that the publisher has archived the book, what does this mean?

If you see that a publisher has already archived a book or audiobook, it is no longer accessible via NetGalley. After the book is archived you will not be able to download the file via NetGalley at all.


However, you can still provide Feedback or review the book, even after it has been archived.

Many publishers provide archive dates in advance. If you plan to read or provide feedback on a book, we highly recommend that you download the book soon after you are approved.

Any file downloaded to your NetGalley Shelf app, or other supported devices or apps, will be available until you reach the expiration date. Most licenses last for 55 days, and can be renewed at any time before the book is archived in NetGalley.

If you’re using the NetGalley Shelf app, you can renew your book for another 55 days by tapping and holding the cover image of the book within the app. Then choose Renew. You do not need to press Download on the NetGalley website.

If you’re using another supported device or app, you can download another 55-day copy of the file from your NetGalley account if you need more time to finish reading, until the publisher archives the book. Just sign back into your NetGalley account, click on your Shelf, find the book, and then press the Download button again.

If you used the Kindle option to send a copy of the file to your Kindle (app or device), that file will not expire, and will continue to be available to you.

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