How do I read digital review copies on my Nexus 7 tablet?

Nexus 7 Tablet (Android)

Use the free Aldiko Reader app or Kindle app to read.

Instructions for using the Aldiko Reader app for Android:

1. From your Android device, download the Aldiko Reader app from the Play Store.

2.  Using your Adobe ID, authorize your Aldiko Reader app. Don’t have an Adobe ID? Click here

3.  Exit the Aldiko Reader app and sign into your NetGalley account using the browser on your Android device.

4. Then, while on your device find the book in your NetGalley account that you would like to download and click on the cover image. You will then be on the title details page where you will see a Download button – click this and the file will download to your device.


5. Now, open the Aldiko Reader app on your device, click on the Files logo, select the Download folder, and then select the book you would like to open in the app and click Import.

  • You can also use the free Kindle app to read.
  • Click here for complete instructions for viewing NetGalley files with the Kindle app.
  • Use the Send to Kindle button to read with the Kindle app.
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