What is the Feedback Ratio?

The Feedback Ratio calculates the percentage of feedback* to approved books and audiobooks (this includes Read Now, Listen Now, Invites, and Wishes Granted). Publishers and authors rely on your feedback and are more likely to approve members who provide meaningful feedback and recommendations about their books. 


Our suggestion is to keep your Feedback Ratio close to 80%, meaning that for every 10 books (including audiobooks) you are approved for, you provide feedback for 8 books. Feedback is one or more of: a review, opinion, note to the publisher/author, or information about how you will promote the book. *If you have a legitimate reason why you're unable to submit feedback for a certain book, that information is helpful to both the publisher and NetGalley team, but does not count as feedback towards your Ratio as a book reviewed.

Here are some suggestions for leaving feedback for:
LibrariansReviewersEducatorsBooksellers | Book Trade Professionals | Journalists/ Media

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