Can I write a critical review?

2021-12-09_15-16-48.jpgWe highly encourage you to share your feedback with the publisher, after you've downloaded and read or listened to their book.

Publishers understand that some books will get critical reviews, and they’re used to getting a wide variety of feedback through NetGalley. Though, we do encourage our members to be thoughtful when submitting positive or critical reviews for books. . Please refer to our NetGalley Review Guidelines and read our tips for writing a critical book review.

*Please keep in mind that reviews on NetGalley are visible to other members, so if you'd like to submit feedback to the publisher privately, please use the Notes section to do so.

If you start reading a book and find it's not for you & you're unable to submit a Review, then please let the publisher know via the “I will not be giving feedback on this title” section on the Feedback form.

Overall, it is better to communicate with the publisher to some degree than to not submit anything, so please do utilize the Give Feedback button in NetGalley for both full feedback and to let the publisher know if you're unable to review the book for legitimate reasons.

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