I'm an Educator - What feedback do you recommend I send to the publisher?

mceclip1.pngPublishers and authors share digital review copies with educators because they know that educators frequently make purchasing decisions to adopt books for use in the classroom or in their curriculum planning and because educators recommend books to their peers.

Please refer to our NetGalley Review Guidelines and check out ways that Educators can provide meaningful Feedback:

Share your opinion of the book with the publisher:

  • Will you adopt this title for a course, curriculum, or classroom?
  • Will you recommend that your students read or purchase this title?

For Audiobooks:

  • Will you adopt this audiobook for a course, curriculum, or classroom?
  • Will you recommend that your students read or purchase this audiobook?
  • Do you like the narrator?

Add descriptive tags to help describe and categorize this book for readers.

Notes for the publisher - Use this section to submit a private note to the publisher. This can include any actions that resulted from accessing the digital review copy, such as "I have ordered 25 copies of this for my classroom," "I am planning my holiday curriculum around this book," or any other special activities you may be planning around the book.   


*If you have a legitimate reason why you're unable to submit feedback for a certain book, that information is helpful to both the publisher and NetGalley team, but please note that it does not count towards your Ratio.

Submit a Review:

  • Notify the publisher and fellow NetGalley members of your full review, especially if you share reviews for books on your school website or blog.
  • Would you recommend this book? Give it a quick rating from 1 to 5 stars.
  • Be sure to include all links if the review appears online (you can add multiple links by clicking the "Add links" icon).
  • Share new and previously submitted reviews socially!
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