I'm a Reviewer - What do you recommend for my Profile?


For reviewers, it is very important to let publishers know where you recommend books (and audiobooks), how often you review, and the size of your audience.

Here are a few specific guidelines:

Basic Information:

  • Use the dropdown to indicate where you primarily review books (Blog/Website, Consumer Website, Social Platform).
  • Include a photo or your logo.
  • Add links to where you share reviews, and who your primary audience is. We recommend keeping your blog/website and social platforms current—publishers want to see that they are updated frequently.
  • Indicate which Categories and Topics you focus on when reading & reviewing.
  • Add your Bio, keeping it professional and succinct, focusing on relevant info about how you use digital review copies, how often you review, and the size of your audience. Publishers see this while deciding to approve requests so think of your Bio as your book advocate resume!
  • Be sure to connect your social accounts, too!*

*Please note that your social profile must be public if you plan to share your review links with publishers! 

Reading Preferences:

  • Your Topics - share how you interact with books. For example, if you listen to Audiobooks and/or are in a Book Club.
  • Add the Categories that interest you the most - you'll receive special recommendations on your dashboard and via email based on your interests.

*If you identify personally as an OwnVoices reviewer, we suggest including that in the Bio section of your Profile. Read more about OwnVoices.


  • Have you earned any badges? Add them to your blog/website so publishers can see them!

Additional Information:

  • Many publishers will only approve requests if they can view your email address, for future follow-ups.
  • By default, public reviews on the NetGalley site will be displayed with your profile photo, first name, last initial, and member type. If you prefer, you can replace your name with an auto-generated alias displayed next to your reviews instead.




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