Does NetGalley tell me when new books are added in my favorite genre?

On behalf of publishers, NetGalley may send email promotions for books and audiobooks that may be of interest to you, so be sure your Categories are updated in your Profile and that you've subscribed to our Newsletters. This information is essential to publishers who make approval decisions and is also used by NetGalley to ensure we're emailing you about the kinds of books you'll love.

You can update your Categories as well as your Newsletter settings in your Profile as shown here. You can also add Audiobooks to your selected Topics so you’ll receive newsletters specifically about new books in that format!


Making sure that your region settings are up-to-date will ensure that you receive communications about books available to request in your country or region. You can learn more about finding books specifically for your Region here.

A note about our newsletters:
We promise not to inundate you with emails. Our newsletters are sent periodically, and some go to all NetGalley members, while others are subject-specific and will only be sent to those who have indicated an interest in that category or topic, or interacted with similar books and promotions. These marketing emails may contain offers or advertisements concerning third party goods and services. Should you wish not to receive these emails, you can always unsubscribe in your Profile > Account Security > Subscriptions.

Member Tip!

Create a custom list to keep track of books & audiobooks you've wished for!

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