How can I search for a book within a specific region?

Many publishers sell rights to publish editions in other territories, so they may not have permission to grant access if you are located in a region outside of their territory rights.

To help you better navigate NetGalley, we introduced the Region Preferences filter so that you can customize NetGalley to help you discover books that are available only within your region. You can read more about the Region Preferences filter here.  

To search for publishers within a specific region:

After signing in, click on Browse Publishers. Under the "All Markets" drop-down menu, select the region you would like to limit your search to (for example, Available to CA Members in Australia).


To find region-specific books available for request:

You can also click into each publisher located in your region and "like" them so they are added to your Favorites. When searching for books in the future, you can limit your search to Favorite Publishers to find books located only in that region.


If you keep the Region Preference filter set to only show books within your region, only books available to members in your region will be visible.


If you choose to turn it off, you will instead see books available both in your region and outside your region.


If you’d like to turn off the filter visit the Reading Preferences in the Account Security section of your Profile.





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