What should I put for "Add links" in my Review?

You can specify where your Review is going to be published or promoted - this information is what publishers really want to know!


The "Add link(s)" field is where you can include one or more links to your review, if it appears online (such as your blog/website, Goodreads, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter / X, Threads, YouTube, etc.)

  • Once you've shared your review online, just copy the url and paste it in the "Add link(s)" field.
  • Once you've added all your links, click "Send Review." 
  • After sending your review and sharing it socially, your social links will automatically appear under the Add link(s) section.
  • Note that even after you've submitted your Review to the publisher, you can always edit your review later to add more links. 

**Keep in mind that you can automatically share your reviews to LinkedIn and easily share your reviews on retail sites

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*Please note that your social profile must be public if you plan to share your review links with publishers! 

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