Why can't I request a book outside of my region?

Depending on your Region Preferences filter setting, you may notice that you're only able to Wish for certain books. You can read more about the Region Preferences filter here.

Publishers are in full control of their region preferences and availability settings on NetGalley. Many publishers sell rights to publish editions in other territories, so they may not have permission to grant access if you are located in a region outside of their territory rights. You can learn more about this in this article from the We Are Bookish Blog.


If you are working as a rights agent, or international buyer, we highly recommend asking your trade contact to auto-approve you for future access to their books. You can browse by books you are auto-approved for, and this is the fastest way to have regular access to books from key publishers.

In many cases, NetGalley will have multiple editions available for request. If your region encompasses one of our international sites, including NetGalley.co.uk, you should make all future requests using the matching domain-based NetGalley site: .co.uk, .de, .fr, .jp. Here's more information on searching for publishers within a specific region.

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