How can I download a digital review copy from NetGalley?

After a publisher has approved your request for a digital review copy, locate the book on your Shelf, in the Start Reading section. Once you click on the book, you will see the reading options that the publisher has enabled, including the file format available (EPUB, PDF or Social DRM PDF or EPUB).



NetGalley Shelf app:

  • Access your approved books and audiobooks in the NetGalley Shelf app. Download the app from the Google Play or Apple stores, and Sign In using your NetGalley login. As long as the publisher has enabled the NetGalley Shelf app as a Reading Option for their books, those will automatically appear in the “Your NetGalley Shelf” section of the app. So this means once you’re approved for a book, you won’t need to press the Download button on the NetGalley website! Learn more about the app here.  

Send to Kindle:

  • Send a NetGalley file to your Kindle device or app, using your or email address. Make sure to follow the instructions here.


  • Protected PDF or EPUB: Read digital review copies on your computer, and any major reading device. Click for the full list of supported devices and instructions.
  • Social DRM PDF or EPUB: Read your digital review copies on your computer or device, using any reading program or app.

Note: If the publisher has chosen to enable an Open (DRM-free) file or Social DRM, then the digital review copy can be read using any of our supported devices in addition to: Acrobat Reader, Sony Reader, B&N’s Nook, and other devices that read PDFs, as well as the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and other smartphones. Once you press the Download button, you will be informed if the file is Protected, Open, or has Social DRM. *Open files are not compatible with the NetGalley Shelf app.

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