Not receiving NetGalley newsletters?

Are you subscribed to NetGalley newsletters and promotions but you never actually receive them? This may be why!

If your NetGalley Profile is associated with an email address that uses generic prefixes (such as those listed below), you may not receive our newsletters. 

“Role-based email addresses” have generic prefixes that don’t identify a specific person, and some examples are listed below. Many email service providers will not send emails to role-based email addresses because they often represent multiple recipients and therefore are more likely to generate spam complaints. So we suggest using an alternate email address in your NetGalley account. 

  • admin@
  • default@
  • email@
  • feedback@
  • info@
  • mail@
  • marketing@
  • news@
  • newsletter@
  • ops@
  • orders@
  • press@
  • pressrelease@
  • sales@
  • security@


*A note about our newsletters: We promise not to inundate you with emails. Our newsletters are sent periodically, and some go to all NetGalley members, while others are subject-specific and will only be sent to those who have indicated an interest in that category or topic, or interacted with similar books and promotions. These marketing emails may contain offers or advertisements concerning third party goods and services. Should you wish not to receive these emails, you can always unsubscribe in your Profile > Account Security > Subscriptions.

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