How do I use the PocketBook Reader app to read digital review copies on my iPhone/iPad?

While we highly recommend using the NetGalley Shelf app, or you can also use the free PocketBook Reader app to read NetGalley files on your iOS device. (Note that the NetGalley Shelf app is the exclusive way to listen to audiobooks on NetGalley.)

The free PocketBook Reader app allows NetGalley members to read, Adobe DRM-protected files in EPUB or PDF format on their iOS device (iPad, iPhone, etc).

How to download and setup the PocketBook Reader app:

  1. Download the PocketBook Reader app from the Apple App store onto your iPhone/iPad. 
  2. Open the PocketBook Reader app, navigate to the "More" button on the bottom-right. 
  3. Go to Settings, and select "Adobe DRM" and authorize the app using your Adobe Login* and Password. If you do not have an Adobe ID, click on "Create an Adobe ID."
    *If you have an Adobe ID but don't remember it: Open Adobe Digital Editions, go to Help, and then choose “Authorization Information.” The popup screen will tell you what username is authorized for that computer. Your Adobe username and password from your computer MUST match what you put in the app.


  4. Using your iPhone/iPad’s browser, sign into your NetGalley account. Go to the book you want to read, and then press the Download button.

  5. The file will download to your phone - to access it, click the download icon at the top-left:


  6. Click on the Downloads folder to access your downloaded files:


  7. Then tap on the file you just downloaded and the app will open and automatically import the file:


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