How do I find Audiobooks on NetGalley?

To view available audiobooks, first Sign In at, then click Find Titles.

There are various ways to find audiobooks to read and review on NetGalley:


Featured – A weekly limited selection of books chosen by our publishers and authors, which may include audiobooks.

Favorite Publishers – Audiobooks and books from publishers that you have added to your Favorites.

Auto-Approvals – Audiobooks and books from the publishers who have auto-approved you.

Listen Now - Audiobooks that are available to listen to immediately, for all members

Recently Added Audiobooks – Audiobooks that have been recently added to NetGalley

Most Requested Audiobooks – Audiobooks that have the highest number of requests

You can always browse by Category, or search for a specific audiobook title, series name, author, narrator, or ISBN and then save the audiobook to a custom list you've created. Or, if you have a favorite publisher, use the Browse Publishers tab to view their available audiobooks (and favorite them)!


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