Announcing the NetGalley Shelf app & Audiobooks - July 13, 2020

Dear NetGalley member,

Today is a big day at NetGalley. We’re thrilled to celebrate the launch of two major enhancements to the NetGalley service: the NetGalley Shelf app and Audiobooks!

What is the NetGalley Shelf app?
The NetGalley Shelf app is our first mobile app, available for free on both iOS and Android devices. This app makes it easier than ever for NetGalley members to start reading or listening to books they’ve been approved to access. We’re excited to provide you with a simple and streamlined reading experience, as well as expand our support to include audiobooks! The NetGalley Shelf app is our recommended way to read, and the exclusive way to listen to audiobooks made available on NetGalley.

Learn more, and download the free app now! Search your app store for “NetGalley Shelf.”


How does it work?
As long as the publisher has enabled the NetGalley Shelf app as a Reading Option for their books, those will automatically appear in approved members’ NetGalley Shelf app. So this means once you’re approved for a book, you won’t need to press the Download button on the NetGalley website!

Since your NetGalley Shelf app will only include books you’ve been approved to access, you’ll still continue to discover, request, and provide Feedback for books on

How do I get started with Audiobooks?
First, take a moment to update your Profile with relevant information about how you specifically promote audiobooks to increase your chances of getting approved by those publishers. Plus, add Audiobooks to your Reading Habits so you’ll get our first-ever Audiobook Newsletter! 

 Starting today, you’ll find Audiobooks - this is just the beginning! New audiobooks will be added from more publishers in the coming months.

We invite you to start listening (and reading) in a whole new way!

All best,
The NetGalley Team

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