How to submit Opinions and Reviews for Audiobooks

  You can submit your Feedback for audiobooks by clicking the “Give Feedback” button from the book page or on your Shelf.

The Feedback section for audiobooks is split into two pages: Review & Opinions. Depending on your member type, you'll need to submit the first page (Reviews or Opinions) before the next page will appear.

1) The Review section includes the review text box (where you should include your actual review, as text), your star rating, the ability to share your review to your connected social networks*, and any additional links to where your review appears online.

Please refer to our NetGalley Review Guidelines and here are some tips for submitting a review:

  • Type or copy/paste the text of your review into the box. If your review appears online, make sure to also include that link in the Add Links section.
  • Add a star rating, too!
  • Finally, press Send Review and your Review and links will be sent to the publisher and your Review will be visible to other members from the NetGalley title details page. (You can update your public preferences in the Account Security section of your Profile.)
  • After you submit a review, you can then share it with your social networks* and on retail sites. *Once you share your reviews socially, using these links, a link to your review on the site(s) will automatically appear under the Add link(s) section and be shared with the publisher, so there’s no need to manually add those.

    For tips on writing reviews for audiobooks, click here

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2) Opinions include member-specific questions, descriptive tags, and notes to the publisher.

The Descriptive Tags help describe and categorize the audiobook for members, based on the story, subgenre, or the audio. 

Here are some specific suggestions for leaving Opinions and/or Reviews for audiobooks and digital review copies:

LibrariansReviewersEducatorsBooksellers | Book Trade Professionals | Journalists/ Media

PS: If you have a legitimate reason why you're unable to submit feedback for a certain audiobook, (for instance, the content wasn’t what you expected/doesn’t fit with your blog, you were unable to download the file, etc.) you can let the publisher know via the “I will not be giving feedback on this title” section on the Feedback form.

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