How to delete a book or audiobook from the NetGalley Shelf app

If you’d like to remove a downloaded book from your NetGalley Shelf app (applies to iOS and Android):

  1. From Home, Recently read, or My Books, just tap and hold the cover image of the book you wish to delete.
  2. Choose Delete from the menu that appears.

If you wish to re-add a book or audiobook that you deleted, just find it in Your NetGalley Shelf section of the app and tap the Download button again. If the book no longer appears in Your NetGalley Shelf, then the book has likely been Archived by the publisher in NetGalley.

Please note: If you delete the app from your device and then reinstall, any books or audiobooks that you have not yet downloaded, but have since been archived, will no longer appear on your device. 

Click here for more information about using the NetGalley Shelf app.

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