Can Award Committees utilize NetGalley?

Yes! Many award committees, large and small, use NetGalley as part of their submission and judging process. NetGalley is a free service and can help make your process even more efficient while lowering your potential costs related to shipping and storage. 

Note: If you’ve searched for a book on NetGalley and cannot find it, keep in mind that many publishers have Private books, which they can still grant access to directly. 

Since each award is unique, and we want your committee to have the best experience possible, we prefer to customize each workflow on a case-by-case basis. If your committee is interested in accepting digital submissions via NetGalley, and reading (or listening) digitally, please email our team with the details below:

  • The name and description of the award (which categories/genres does it cover, etc.)
  • The award timeline (submissions period, submissions deadline, judging period, and award ceremony)
  • How many judges are on the committee who would need access to NetGalley
  • Do your judges need to be anonymous, or not?
  • How many submissions do you anticipate receiving?

Once we know the above details, we can create a workflow for your committee’s use of NetGalley, as well as customized materials to share with your judges, and sample language to use when asking for submissions from publishers.

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