How to connect my TikTok account to NetGalley

Have a TikTok account that you use to share your book Reviews and Recommendations? Connect to it in NetGalley so publishers can quickly visit your account when viewing your Profile!

Make sure to sign in to your TikTok account in your browser beforehand for easy authorizing!

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How to authorize your TikTok account:
In your NetGalley Profile go to the About You tab of your Profile, and scroll down to "Where I Share Reviews" to connect your social networks.

Click the TikTok icon and you will be asked to sign in to your TikTok account, and then authorize NetGalley to access your account. Click to authorize the app, and you will be redirected back to NetGalley.

*Note that your TikTok account must have previously posted videos that are public in order to connect. This ensures publishers can successfully view your content. 


Once your account is authorized, publishers can easily click to view your TikTok content from your NetGalley Profile. This may help your chances of being approved! But, you’ll still need to let publishers know when you’ve shared a book review to TikTok using the Feedback page in NetGalley. Just add the direct link to your review on TikTok in the “Add Link(s)” section of the Feedback page. Read more here. 

How to revoke access to your TikTok account:
In your NetGalley Profile, scroll down to "Where I Share Reviews" and click the orange "Connected" text next to the TikTok icon - a popup will appear asking if you want to disconnect the account, click OK.

Want to connect to another social network account? Learn more here.

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