Amazon no longer supporting MOBI files - July 27, 2022

We are aware that Amazon is no longer supporting MOBI files as of August 2022 so we've made all the necessary changes on our backend, so members will not need to do anything differently!

Overall this is good news! Since Amazon has added EPUB support for Kindle, and many publishers already provide EPUB files for their books on NetGalley, sending that format to Kindle will not cause any disruption. We already started sending EPUB files in place of MOBI files in June 2022, so you may already see some books that are EPUBs being sent to Kindle. If the publisher has only provided a PDF file, that will continue to be sent to Kindle per usual.

As per Amazon's announcement, please note that any MOBI files already in your Kindle library will not be affected by this change. 

As a member, you have nothing to worry about as we've taken care of everything already! 

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