A publisher invited me to view a book with a NetGalley widget. What is this?

If you received an email from a publisher containing a “widget” link, that means you have been pre-approved to view and download that book on NetGalley! Here’s what you need to know.

Step 1: Open the email from the publisher that contains the widget. The widget link can appear as a clickable cover image with text or a URL. Click on the cover image or URL.


Step 2: This will open your web browser to a unique Sign In page for this particular book on NetGalley. You will also see an image of the cover on the left.


Step 3If you are already a NetGalley member, simply sign into your account, and you will be taken to the Title Details page for this book. You can view information about the book and if you would like to accept it, click the Read It! button to download it or send to your Kindle.

If you are new to NetGalley, welcome! Click the Register Now button to the right and fill in the required fields to create a free NetGalley account. Then check your email inbox for an authentication email to activate your account. When registering, make sure to use the email address that the widget invite was sent to. NOTE: if you do not receive the authentication email, please contact support so we can activate your account.

Step 4: When you click on the authentication link in the email, it will redirect you to that same widget sign in page (shown above). Sign in with your newly created login and password.

Step 5: When you sign in, you will be taken directly to the Title Details page where you can decide if you would like to accept the invite. If so, click the Read It! or Listen To It! button and you'll then be able to select one of the reading option buttons to download and start reading or listening. The NetGalley Shelf app is our recommended way to read, and the exclusive way to listen to audiobooks made available on NetGalley. 


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