Before You Request

As a book advocate or industry professional (book trade professional, bookseller, educator, member of the media or journalist, librarian or reviewer) you want to discover and recommend new books to your audience, and NetGalley is here for you! 

Use NetGalley for free to request, read, and recommend books before they are published -- and provide essential reviews and feedback to publishers and other readers. If you’re new to NetGalley, or a long-time member in need of a refresher, check out these tips to get the most out of your account. 

Getting Started

Complete Your Profile

Publishers need to know who you are and how you recommend books and audiobooks, and your Profile is the perfect way to quickly provide those details. Think about your NetGalley Profile like a resume. The information in your Profile is what publishers see when deciding to approve or decline your requests (but is not visible to other members), so make sure to keep your Bio professional and succinct.

Here's a few Do and Don'ts for your NetGalley profile, and 10 Things You Should Include in Your NetGalley Profile and Everything You Want to Know About Requesting Books on NetGalley-- brought to you by We Are Bookish, NetGalley's editorial blog for members. 

Profile tips for:

librarians | booksellers | educators | media / journalists | reviewers | book trade professionals

Have a favorite publisher? Read their approval preferences to learn what they’re looking for when approving requests. 

Get Ready to Read

Take these simple steps now, so you can start reading right away once you’re approved. Members can access their approved books and audiobooks on the free NetGalley Shelf app, or other supported devices and apps. The NetGalley Shelf app is our recommended way to read, and the exclusive way to listen to audiobooks made available on NetGalley. 

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Or search your app store for “NetGalley Shelf”
*Requires iOS 13.0 or later or Android 5.0 and up. 

Click here to learn more about reading and listening via the NetGalley Shelf app.
Click here to learn how to read on other supported devices and apps. 

Browse Books

Now it’s time to start requesting books! Browse our Categories and Publishers, search for a specific book, series name, author, or narrator, or get instant access to Read Now books and Listen Now audiobooks. Click here to read more about accessing books on NetGalley. 

Grab a copy of our Book Advocate Toolkit - designed to have everything you need to succeed!

Share Feedback

Your reviews and feedback are essential to publishers, authors, and other readers. NetGalley members are encouraged to provide feedback for the books and audiobooks they access. Please refer to our NetGalley Review Guidelines. When you finish a book, make sure to submit your reviews, star ratings, opinions, and industry list nominations.

Publishers tend to approve requests from members who have a history of providing meaningful feedback for books they’ve accessed, and who can demonstrate their reach as an early influencer or reviewer.

To help you craft the best reviews possible, we’ve put together a guide for how to write a book review. Connect your NetGalley account directly to your social media to make your review-sharing process more efficient.* This also helps increase the visibility and value of your reviews!

*Please note that your social profile must be public if you plan to share your review links with publishers! 

Feedback tips for:

book trade professionals | booksellers | educators | media / journalists | librarians | reviewers 

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