How can I connect my social media accounts to NetGalley?

Connecting your social media accounts to NetGalley provides you with an efficient and secure way to share your reviews with your followers and publishers. 

Benefits of connecting:

  • Saves you time! You can easily share reviews directly from NetGalley to your connected social media account(s) with just a few clicks - making it more efficient for you (no need to sign into each account before sharing) and you still have full control over what appears in your post. Think of the connection as a short-cut!
  • Verifies your ownership. By connecting your social media accounts, you’re verifying that you are the owner of those accounts and no one else can claim your account or take credit for your efforts. 
  • Proves your reach. When viewing your NetGalley Profile, publishers can easily click to your verified social handle to see how you advocate for books (with your shared reviews and recommendations). Plus, you won’t need to regularly update your follower counts/stats in your Bio, since publishers can easily view that information when they click to your social handle. 

Keep in mind:

  • NetGalley does not post any content on your behalf unless you explicitly click/tap on the corresponding social icon to share your review to your followers. NetGalley will provide suggested text and a link to your review, but you have full control and the ability to edit or delete the post before you publish it to your social media feed/timeline. 
  • You can revoke the connection at any time (see below).

**If you prefer not to connect your social media accounts to NetGalley, you can manually add your account URLs to the Links section of your Profile - just remember to indicate which link or connection is your Primary Audience (read more here). 

Make sure to sign in to your LinkedIn, Goodreads, and/or TikTok accounts in your browser beforehand for easy authorizing! *NetGalley is working on adding Facebook and Instagram connections, but in the meantime please add links to those accounts by clicking Add a Website (as seen in the screenshot below).

In your NetGalley Profile:

  • Go to the About You tab of your Profile, and scroll down to "Where I Share Reviews" to connect your social networks.


How to authorize each account:

  • LinkedIn: Click the LinkedIn icon, then click Allow to authorize the app, and you will be redirected back to NetGalley. 
  • Goodreads: Click the Goodreads icon and you will be asked to Allow or Deny NetGalley access to your account. Click to allow access, and you will be redirected back to NetGalley.*
  • TikTok: Click the TikTok icon and you will be asked to sign into your TikTok account, and then authorize NetGalley to access your account. Click to authorize the app, and you will be redirected back to NetGalley. *Note that your TikTok account must have previously posted videos that are public in order to connect. This ensures publishers can successfully view your content.
  • Click here for instructions on how to revoke access to your connections. 

Easily share your Reviews to your Goodreads and LinkedIn accounts:

After you have written your Review, you’ll see your connected social networks:


Before sharing, you can edit the text that will appear in the post. Then click on the icon for the social network you’d like to share your review to and a post will be automatically generated and posted on your behalf. A checkmark will then appear below the social network icon once it’s successfully been posted. 

Learn more about how you can share your Reviews with others here

When submitting Feedback:

  • On the book's Review page, scroll down to the Share Socially section. Select “Click to Connect” to connect your social accounts.


*Please note that your Goodreads profile must be public if you plan to share your review links with publishers! 
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