Will Not Give Feedback

Your reviews and feedback are essential to publishers, authors, and other readers. NetGalley members are strongly encouraged to provide feedback for the books they access. When you finish reading a book, make sure to submit your star ratings, reviews, opinions, and industry list nominations.

However, we know that there are legitimate reasons why you may not be able to submit feedback for certain books---and while we are unable to remove any book from your account, the “I will not be giving feedback” option will allow you explain why you aren’t reviewing the book.

Please only use Will Not Give Feedback if you didn’t finish a book for any reason and are unable to provide constructive feedback. If you didn’t finish reading or listening to a book (DNF), please first read the information here and consider if you can submit a review instead.


Submitting “Will Not Give Feedback” will help organize your Shelf by moving the book off your Give Feedback list. But since this information is not a full Review or an Opinion, it will not count towards your overall feedback ratio.

If you are able to submit a Review in the future (e.g. the issue with the file has been resolved), you can find this title on the Not Active section of your Shelf, and can continue to submit your full feedback.


Our goal is to help, when we can, resolve any issues that are preventing you from submitting feedback. We will be carefully analyzing the “Will Not Give Feedback” responses to improve the NetGalley service for our members and publishers.

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