How can independent booksellers nominate books for the Indie Next List?

Independent booksellers can nominate books for the Indie Next List via NetGalley! NetGalley collects nominations weekly and submits them to the American Booksellers Association (ABA) for consideration.

To access this feature you need to be registered as a Bookseller (in the US) and be approved or invited to view a book on NetGalley.

To nominate a book, click the “Give Feedback” button from the book page or on your Shelf. Once you're on the Opinions page click Yes (as seen below) to nominate the book for the Indie Next List.


You will also need to share a text recommendation, which you can add as a Review, once you submit the Opinions page. The ABA advises, "Write conversationally, just as if you were talking about a favorite book with a customer in the store." Click here for the ABA's full list of nominating tips and deadlines.

Don't forget, booksellers who work at an ABA member store can also sign up for the exclusive Digital Box program. You can read more about this program on the ABA site, here.

When submitting a nomination, please note that you are consenting to your email address in your NetGalley account being shared with the ABA*. 

*If your email address is marked as Private within your NetGalley profile, a member of the NetGalley team will reach out to you directly to ask your permission to share your email address with the ABA. 

Pro Tip:

Encourage your staff to add the store ABA number to their NetGalley accounts as well. Once they do, the ABA logo will appear next to their name for publishers to see when requesting books!

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