Your NetGalley Shelf section

Your NetGalley Shelf section within the NetGalley Shelf app displays books and audiobooks you've been approved to access through the website. The books found in this section can be downloaded access on the go, or you can start listening right away with streaming for audiobooks!


To start reading or listening: Tap the Download button to download the book or audiobook to your NetGalley Shelf app or tap the Play button to immediately begin playing an audiobook. You can also see more information about the book on this page (Author, Narrator, Media type (E-book or Audiobook), File Format (EPUB or PDF), Description, Publisher, Publication date, and Categories.) 

To Search or Filter your books:
To help you quickly locate all of your approved books within the app you can now Filter and Search Your NetGalley Shelf! Search your approved books by title, author/narrator, ISBN, or keyword. Plus, the Filters allow you to narrow down by NetGalley Status and/or Categories, to mirror your NetGalley Shelf on the website. To locate these tools:

Once you're in Your NetGalley Shelf section of the app, tap "see all" next to Books or Audiobooks. In the top-center of the screen you will see the Search bar and in the top-right the Filter icon will appear. To Filter, a menu will appear with NetGalley Status options as well as Categories.


Once you're in Your NetGalley Shelf section of the app, tap arrow next to Books or Audiobooks. Then in the top-right corner you will see a Search icon and a Filter icon. To Filter, please swipe right when the Filter menu appears to see all of the NetGalley Status and Category options available.


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